Amid from Iran

My name is Amid: I have watched your channel for six months. Since then, I feel like I've found something that I've been missing for so many years. Hope. I don't understand, but something about your faith is very different from the others. We do not know what our future will be like because of the Islamic regime. But now, I have a new hope in my life to pursue my dream. I wanted to say thank you for everything. We need this. It seems that this Jesus is different from what we read in our Islamic teachings and that he can bring hope to people's lives.

Image by Omid Armin

A word of encouragement from Iraq

Thank you very much, Dr. Bassim, for your message that encouraged me and filled my heart with peace, comfort, and reassurance. I thank you because I was in a state of extreme depression and sadness, and I hated my life. Through you, I knew that God my Father cares for me and takes care of me, not like the God of Islam who considers a woman like a dog and a donkey. Thank you because I feel that I am now a person who deserves a decent life. I hope you will continue to pray for me.

person in black t-shirt holding persons

Serken from Turkey

My name is Serkan Singul from Istanbul: I was born into a Muslim family; I was searching for God, so I started to read the Qur’an deeply. But it did not satisfy any need for me and did not answer any questions. Instead, I found nothing but contradictions and things that the human mind does not accept, such as capturing women and taking them as spoils in war. One evening, I lifted my eyes to heaven and said, “O Creator God, I want to know you, please show me your light.” A few days later, I accidentally watched the program (Seek and find in Turkish) on the Internet. He talked about the faithful Jesus in the Bible, the God who came from heaven and took human flesh to save sinners.  

Image by Rod Long

Safa from Afghanistan

My name is Safa. I, My husband, and our eldest daughter accepted the Lord Jesus and left Islam through the Bridge of Deliverance Program. We are always blessed and learn from your programs. Thank you very much. May the Lord bless you. Pray for us here in Afghanistan because the situation is dangerous.

Image by Wanman uthmaniyyah